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Electrical Panel Work in Union City GA

42+ years of experience behind us!

Diligently striving to deliver excellent work, our 40 plus years of experience in the Atlanta area electrical contracting industry is used to making your wiring process seamless. According to your request, providing innovation and guarantee of all our services including installations of wiring systems, advice and repair of electrical systems, and energy saving. When considering electrical load calculations, viewing the electrical equipment data on the nameplate and instructions manual with the electrical codes is always the priority. The voltage, amperes, and power rating are factors that are closely read.   


We have the experience of our founder, in addition to the innovation and preparation of our Engineers in control and automation. We are confident that quality and commitment are the basis of our success.
Because you deserve the best, we always use the best quality materials and tools that exist in the market. An electrical installation warranty time span is at least one year from the date of the time that the electricity is turned on. When we set the circuit breaker to the on position, you lighting, receptacles, and switches are ready to go. It’s guaranteed. Securing Atlanta electrical needs is our pleasure! 


We send the qualified and honest electrical professionals to all our customers to ensure their security and protection. You are in great hands, when you use our local courteous wiring technicians. They are well informed and ready to earn your satisfaction. You can confirm that the staff that attends you is from our company by calling any of our telephone numbers. Our licensed independent contractors are licensed and are residential, commercial, and or industrial experts. For proper security and protection we check circuit panel panels. Checking the amperage rating of circuit breakers and checking for double taps, are important. They are hazardous and require correction by a qualified electrician.


To provide a 5 star service in the shortest possible time, we have an electrician mobile units in the main areas of Atlanta, South Fulton, Fairburn, College Park Park, East Point, West Midtown Atlanta, Decatur, Sandy Springs, Lithia Springs, and Mableton. Our response to emergencies are taken seriously by our technicians!

Reliable Electricians

Mister Wise Electricians specializes in residential and commercial services. Whether you need a minor wiring repair, major installation, or service upgrade, we will get the job done according to the code requirements. Atlanta electrician has excellent service and reviews, check ours. Same day service is available. Whether your are making a firm or defined appointment with us, you are the priority.

Flexible Electrical Services

We provide a thorough electrician free phone consultation to explain your available options. Some estimates are free. Pictures via text or email may be feasible. With that information, you can choose the scope of work that’s right for your residential or commercial budget. Mister Wise Atlanta electrician shall be attentive to your specific need. You will feel secure as your request is outlet layout tailored to your need.

Mr. Wise Electricians consider all aspects of electricity when installing components. Whether your circuits are connected in series or parallel, our electrical professional observe the capacitance, inductance, impedance, amperage, voltages, wattage, power circuits, and resistance. Striving for the highest level of skill, our electrical construction and maintenance education is continuously maintain.  

The electrician is first assigned to your job for the wiring assessment. Following that, the estimated cost is provided. To schedule an appointment, call or email Mr. Wise Electric, for quick and detailed answers. Contact the electrician.

Whether your wiring need is small or large, you are welcomed. You will know more about wiring, whether you hire us or not, when you call us. Wiring up Atlanta since 1989 has been our pleasure. Licensed electricians and well trained journeymen are familiar with different types of electrical wiring. Whether you need an electrician that specializes in residential or commercial, a guaranteed electrical contractor service is the benefit that you’ll receive, as a part of our routine. 

Electrical Issues Need your Attention Today:
If you have a hard time finding an electrician who is competent and hardworking then you must consider hiring someone from our painstaking team. Electrical work is a certified work that you can’t go facing your own with the exception that you have taken an electrician planning and earned a validation to work. In case you are having some issue with your home electrical wirings, hiring an average electrician will shield you from incidents and further nuclear family issues. Discussed below are a couple of clues that you should consider on the ideal approach to find the right electrician that can address your issues.

Unequivocal organization:
Determine the sort of electrician that you require dependent upon the kind of work that you wish to accomplish in your home. Remember that not all electricians can complete a wide scope of work. Some electrician has down to earth involvement in business property, private work, or new advancement. In case your worry covers board to fix, revamping an electrical structure, cabling, or satellite foundations, it is best that you choose for a pro electrician or an understudy. Do whatever it takes not to utilize an understudy in case you understand that your task requires top measurement inclusion in the field.

Incredible reference:

You will know to pay little respect to whether an electrician has a conventional establishment or fabulous work contribution through referrals and review. Approach your partners or colleagues for references. They may have as of late obtained extraordinary electricians, which they can best recommend to you. You can moreover take a gander at some online organizations and sweep for electricians or read a couple studies that past customers have explained their organizations. Choosing for an electrician who has a fair establishment will promise you with a quality organization.
Residential and Commercial Experience:
Choose from an electrician who has past experience with residential and commercial type of tasks that you should need to accomplish in your home or public built-out. Securing an electrician today who has the expertise in the field who can assess new and existing wiring is critical to maintaining a properly functioning system. When it’s a commercial application needed, Metal Clad cable and EMT conduit is used. Residential wiring normal wiring method is a type of NM or NMB cable, which is easier to run along or through wooden framing. Call us when your electrical work requires conduit or power cable.

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