Mr. Wise Electric FAQS

Could one circuit provide power for more than one portable space heater?

In most cases, no. Many portable heaters require more of the capacity of a circuit.

Could a light fixture junction box support a ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans are required to be installed by use of a special fan rated junction box only.

If my circuit breaker trips, how do I turn it back on?

You would have to turn the circuit breaker to the off position first, before you could turn it back

If my lights start to go from bright to dim repeatedly, what should I do?

We recommend that you turn them off at the circuit breaker. It’s safer. Immediately, contact a licensed electrician and the electric power company.

Does the electric power company replace my meter base and my service entrance wiring?

Electric meter bases, service entrance wiring, and interior wiring are jobs that are to be performed by a licensed and insured electrical contractor or company.