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Residential & Commercial Electrical Work In The Atlanta Area

Whether you searching for a home or marketplace estimating electrical work sometime takes hours. This Installation includes EMT electrical conduit in a plant for 3 phase power machinery and compressors. The connections were made by use of cord dropped twist-lock receptacles and plugs, type power supply.

Existing And/Or New Electrical Panel & Circuit Work

These circuit breaker panels were installed to provide power to the production lines. They are connected the lighting and receptacles.  Additionally, the installation of transformers is a part of our services. The primary rating is 480 volts, which is converted to 120/208 volts for the secondary power circuits. More transformer information is available.

Commercial Electrical Conduit Trough Work In Atlanta

The conduit that are entering the trough are installed in order to supply enough branch circuit lighting and receptacle amperage to the building. The main power source originates from main circuit breaker panels A, B, and C, which are 3 phase. Our professionals are well-versed in all aspects of commercial electrical work.

Residential Electrical Wiring Panel Upgrades In The Atlanta Area

We specialize in residential jobs, up to and including main electric service upgrades. This electrical work includes a feeder, panel, electric meter base, riser, grounding electrode with rods, as well as a new single-phase powered breaker box panel. Our team of professionals is proud to deliver high quality, outstanding service.

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April 24, 2019

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Licensed Atlanta Electrician
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