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Finding a free estimate licensed electrician in Atlanta may take some screening. Reading reviews could help get you on the way to being secured by one that is a great fix for you. Another option would be to ask a friend if their wiring experience went well. At any rate, no one type fits all, just like the home that you carefully picked. Although customers have particular needs, Mr. Wise Electric works together with you. Whether your need a residential or commercial electrician, we cater to your specific need. Lets fix your wiring to your perfection. In the meantime, you could follow the tips below and they’ll help you to know more about practical watts usage.

How to avoid circuit overloading is a concern that we frequently face. Many circuit overloads may occur due to excess use of wattage that could be caused by things that produce useful heat. Well, what is useful heat? Usually, it may be produced by portable space heaters, hair dryers, curlers, and so on. You get the idea. To take it a step further, let’s mention a few more things. Some more heat producing items may include coffee makers, toasters, and several different types of small appliances. Others may include electric tools, such as lawn blowers, weed eaters, and some electric motorized equipment. There are others that could be identified. It’s relatively simple to calculate wattage. An easy way is to find it is to read the label, nameplate, and or tag. Usually they may be found attached to the item, where it shows the maximum electricity requirement. To calculate wattage, you’d just add the watts of the stuff to be used together. If it exceeds your circuit breaker amps, then you should not use all of them at the same time. At any rate, I firmly recommend that 80% of a circuit capacity should not be exceeded. For example, for a 15 amp circuit 1440 watts should be the maximum. For a 20 amp circuit 1920 watts should be the maximum. Circuit breakers amperage rating could be readily found on its handle, when you open your panel box door. Find locally, electrical wiring contractors to assess, install, and repair circuitry. With circuits in mind, call us when you need a dedicated circuit for air conditioners, heaters, and other high amp load wiring. Mr. Wise Electric is one of the excellent licensed Atlanta electricians.