The Hidden Electrical Dangers at Home

Your house might not be as safe as you think. Get help from the best electricians in Atlanta to address the hidden electrical dangers and make your house safer!

Is your air conditioner running perfectly? And the ceiling fan is working just fine? Do you think your house is electrically safe? Well, you might be wrong.

Many people think that electrical systems in their homes have no issues and functioning perfectly if their appliances are working fine. Getting an electrical problem diagnosed by any of the best electricians in Atlanta, at its early stage can save a house from a massive fire.

Like many others, you might not be aware of the hidden electrical dangers that pose serious risks to you, your family and your home. To help people stay cautious, here is a list of all the electrical dangers that are difficult to detect!

Old and Faulty Wiring
If an electrical system installed in a house is very old, the wires can be a great danger. Faulty or old wires can pave the way for not only arc faults or surges but even for a massive fire. Over time, the wires worn-out, corrode or get exposed to the environment; this can even cause short circuits. Therefore, if you think you have old wiring in your house, it is best to opt for electrical repair in Atlanta!

Electrical Outlets Close to Water
In many homes, there are electrical outlets in the bathroom and kitchen. The installation of these electrical outlets brings convenience to people, but they might be a real danger. As many conveniences these outlets bring to you, higher are the risks of electrical fires and shocks. It is best to close any outlets that are near to water to stay safe from such dangers,

Extension Cords
Extension cords have made our lives easier; there is no denying that. But they are one of the hidden electrical dangers in our home that can result in some serious consequences. One of the many reasons for electrical fire includes extension cords. Overloaded cords, short circuits or damaged cords can cause a massive electrical fire. Also, tripping and electrical burns are the common dangers these extension cords can cause.

Light Bulbs Close to Flammable Objects
Who knew lightbulbs could be an electrical danger? Well, they are major electrical hazards if kept close to any flammable objects. Any plastic items, beds or drapes can catch fire by being near the lightbulbs. All light sources, including the light bulbs, have the potential to cause electric shocks.

Heavily Covered Electrical Wires
Overheating of wires cause a fire and wires overheat as a result of being heavily covered. Make sure that the wires at your home, such as laptop charges or extension cords are not under blankets, rugs or mats.

Dimming of Lights When Appliances Plugged-in
Some times when a heavy electrical appliance is plugged-in, such as an air-conditioner or a washing machine, the lights fluctuate for a little while and dim-out. Most of the people ignore it. But it is something not to be ignored as it is a sign that the electrical wires are faulty or are overheating.

If you wish to stay safe from the electrical dangers, it is best to hire the best electricians in Atlanta from Mr. Wise Electric. Getting your home inspected will provide you the peace of mind and assurance that your house is free of any electrical dangers.